Technology today is moving forward with the motto of reducing size and increasing usability. Today in every home only a single router connects all the computers, phone and even televisions. Now when the router disconnects everything goes down. You get completely disconnected from every source that provides information. The solution is simple: CALL US! We will fix problems related to routers of almost all brands.

  • Fixing DNS server and Proxy server configuration issues
  • Configuring wireless printer
  • Setting up m-ail client configuration
  • Configuring wireless routers or a home local area network
  • Opening and closing ports
  • Giving access to multiple applications for online streaming and connectivity

We Offers :

  • 24X7 Online Technical Support every where.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • 97% Customer Satisfaction.
  • Support Call Will Be answered within a minute.
  • Highly Experienced Technician.